26th Annual Huron Hockey Alumni Game


26th Annual Huron Alumni Game Information!

Saturday, December 30th

1pm Veterans Game and 2:15pm Rookie game

Ann Arbor Ice Cube

Dear Rat Emeriti,

Friends, Rats, Countrymen, lend me your ears: I’m writing to invite you to our 26th Annual Huron Alumni Game – the Silver Anniversary-Plus One Game!

We’ve got great ice times, 1 p.m. for the Veterans and 2:15 for the Rookies, on Saturday, December 30. The veterans will dress in the Lapper Room, and the Rookies in two public locker rooms, as always.

To reserve your spot, please let me know ASAP.  It usually fills up pretty fast.

Also, let me know:

-Your graduation year
-Your number
-Your position
-Which Alumni jerseys you have or need, green or white.

I’ll be placing the order by the end of the week. They cost a mere $30, which we sell at cost, and include the famed flaming H, and your number in forest green or old gold, with white trim on the away versions.

These events not only keep us unified, and having a good time, they are vital help to the program, which now has to pay for its ice, among other expenses. We will also be meeting Huron’s new coach, John O’Leary, who is already doing a great job.

$20 each pays for the ice, and anything more you’d like to donate goes right into our endowment, which currently provides $3,000+ a year to the program.


-John Bacon


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