Volunteer Activities

  • Team Dinners:
    Served at Player’s house, for players & coaches, after practice before upcoming game.  Sloppy joes, spaghetti, lasagna, burgers, etc.  Something easy and in large quantities. 😉   NO NUTS !!
  • Special Event Team Home Opener & Sponsor/Teacher Appreciation:
    Appetizers/snacks & socializing in Stadium Rink Glass Room, Coordinate, Set Up, Clean Up.
  • Senior Night Potluck:
    Post-Game dinner in Stadium Rink Glass Room, Coordinate, Set Up, Clean Up.  Order cake, collect bios, purchase flowers etc
  • Locker Room Fruit / Game Candy Basket Sign Ups
    • Game fruit:  peeled oranges (1-1/2 doz) & halved bananas (4-5)
    • Candy basket: bag or two of candy for fans
  • Home Game Volunteers:
    • Clock, Announcer/Music, Scoresheet, Penalty Box.
  • Videographer/Photographer & Special Event Photographer
  • Social Media and Website Manager
  • Social Coordinator for away games:
    Bar/restaurant navigator.
  • Fundraising 
    • Car Wash Coordinator Summer 2019
    • Media Guide Coordinator / Editor 2019-2020